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eSIM - how does it work and what possibilities does it offer?

30 listopada 2021

eSIM is a solution that entered Poland a few years ago. Orange is the first operator in the country, which made this technology available to its individual and business customers. We suggest how you can take advantage of eSIM capabilities. See also: https://inlookup.com

At the outset, it's worth explaining some basic technical issues related to how SIM cards work. Rest assured, we're not going to go into telematic details. The traditional plastic SIM card, which is placed in the device, is a kind of "pass" that allows you to log into the operator's network. Thanks to this you can use the services - making calls, sending text messages, connecting to the mobile Internet. The SIM card has your phone number and a unique ICCID code, which allows the operator to identify you.

The eSIM has the same function as a traditional SIM card. The main difference is that an eSIM does not have a physical form - it is a fully virtual solution. Such a card does not need to be physically placed in your device - instead, it is automatically stored in a small module that is built into your phone, watch or tablet. eSIM is provided by the operator, and downloading and installing the card takes a few seconds.

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eSIM - what do you gain?

After this brief theoretical introduction, we can move on to the most important part of the article - what new opportunities does eSIM provide?

Time saving
You can order an eSIM card and activate it in the application in a few moments. The option is available in all four Plans - without any additional fees. Thanks to this, after joining the offer you can start using your new number right away - you do not have to wait for the courier. You simply download the card to your device.

One number on several devices
You can install an eSIM with the same phone number on any number of devices. You do not need to make duplicate cards to use your number on e.g. a smartwatch and a tablet. You can also use a "mixed" solution - leave the traditional plastic card in the phone and download the eSIM card to another device, such as a smartwatch. You can use two eSIM cards with the same number.

Multiple numbers on one device
You can even install several eSIM cards on one device. You can also use SIM and eSIM simultaneously. This is convenient if you use two phone numbers on a daily basis. A second SIM card with a large data packet can be used only to connect to mobile internet.

More freedom
Smartwatch with eSIM card is a fully independent device - using it you can receive calls, send messages, use music streaming. Thanks to this you do not have to take your smartphone with you when you go out to the gym or to the bike.


eSIM card makes it easy to track down a lost phone. To uninstall the eSIM card, the new "owner" of the phone would need to know the PIN code. A regular SIM card simply needs to be removed from its slot.

The chip on which the eSIM card is stored is miniature in size. It is much smaller than the slot for a plastic card. Manufacturers can use the saved space in other ways - for example, equip the phone with a larger and more capacious battery.

eSIM is one of the more planet-friendly solutions. The card has a virtual form - thanks to this we limit the carbon footprint of the service, which is connected with production and transport.

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